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Bradford County is located in the northeastern part of Pennsylvania near the Southern Tier of New York. This is terrific place to live, work, and visit. The county abounds with natural beauty, strong communities and great people. As part of the Marcellus Shale region, one of the largest reservoirs of natural gas in the world, our area is seeing many new businesses and growth of existing businesses. The Central Bradford County Chamber of Commerce is here to assist, encourage growth and development of business, industry and tourism with a focus on a community which works and moves forward together.


Towanda Borough is located on the bank of the Susquehanna River and is the county seat of Bradford County. It is 1.1 square miles and in 2010 the total population was 2,915. Towanda Village was laid out in 1812 and Towanda Borough was officially established in 1828. Towanda is located near a Native American burial ground, and the name is derived from a Native American word that translates “where we bury the dead.”

The Borough is governed by a mayor and 9 councilmen. The Borough’s planning commission consists of 9 members from the community. The zoning regulations were adopted in 1971 and are enforced by a zoning hearing board that consists of three members from the community.

Several recreational areas are available to residents of Towanda including Towanda Memorial Park, Third Ward Playground and a beautiful walking trail along the Merrill Parkway and Susquehanna River. Residents may also use the Towanda Area School District playgrounds and track during non-school hours.

Towanda Borough:


Wysox Township is located in the central region of Bradford County. It is 22.5 square miles and in 2010 the total population was 1,761. The Township of Wysox was established in 1795 from Tioga Township. The name is derived from old Native American words that include: “Wisachgimi” meaning, “place of grapes” and “Wy-sauk” meaning, “canoe harbor.” The Township saw its first settler arrive in 1776, by the name of Sebastian Strope. The Township went through a series of land divisions between 1801 and 1841 that split to form the following townships: Rush, Burlington, Athens, Ulster, Towanda, Rome, and Standing Stone.

The Township of Wysox has a governing board that consists of three elected supervisors. The Township also employs a secretary. The Township has five members on its planning commission. In 1982, the Township adopted a comprehensive plan that is still in existence today. There are three members that serve on the zoning hearing board that enforces the Township’s regulations that were passed in 1995.

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Flowing through the Towanda-Wysox valley, the nation's sixteenth largest river by volume, the Susquehanna flows from New York to Pennsylvania, and Maryland into the Chesapeake Bay (wikipedia). The Veterans Memorial Bridge connects Towanda & Wysox on Route 6. This bridge was constructed in 1986, replacing an open grate bridge located two blocks upstream at Bridge Street. The Veterans Memorial Bridge is lined with flags and lights, enhancing its iconic connecting stature.

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